About the Tilly

The Austin 10 Light Utility Truck (better known as Austin Tilly) was based on the pre-war Austin 10 saloon. The chassis was the same size, and it uses a “platform” construction that is the result of welding a pressed-steel floor to a frame, resulting in great torsional stiffness.

The Austin Tilly has a few changes compared to the civilian Austin 10: The doors were made wider for easier access to the rear seats, a pick-up body ws added with a canvas tilt, the motor had more power, a water pump and a bigger fuel tank were added and “cross-country” tyres used. About 29.000 vehicles were build.

At this moment about 240 ‘survivors’ (from wreck to excellent) are registered with the Tilly Register.

Techical data:

Alongside the Austin Tilly, there were three other manufacturers that produces light utility trucks: Hillman, Morris en Standard.

More information about all makes can be found at the site of the Tilly Register.