The Austin 10 Utility Truck (better known as Austin Tilly) is actually the military version of the Austin 10 saloon. The chassis is the same size and it uses a “platform” construction that is the result of welding a pressed-steel floor to a frame, which results in great diagonal stiffness.

The Austin Tilly has a few changes in comparison to the civilian Austin 10 – the motor has more power, a water pump is added, a bigger fuel tank and the use of “cross-country” tyres. About 30.000 vehicles were build. At this moment about 160 ´survivors` (from wreck to excellent) are registered at the Tilly Register.

Techical data:

In 1944, an article was published in “Autocar”. In this article, the Austin Tilly was tested.


Beside the Austin Tilly were three other makes, the made light utility trucks: Hillman,  Morris en Standard. More information about all makes can be found at the site of the Tilly Register.

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